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New Emergency Notification System!

We are excited to introduce our new mass communication system called Everbridge. The system works to notify citizens regarding information in an emergency as well as provide non-emergency information. This system allows citizens to "opt-in" (sign up) and provide cell phone numbers, email addresses, and other means to contact them in the event of an emergency.  It will also allow you to "opt-in" to receive non-emergency information by picking alerts from different city departments.  When you opt-in you create your own account which information is used to contact the citizen and is stored in the notification system and is not sold or shared to other vendors. Please be aware this system replaces the old emergency notification system and any information you may have entered previously is no longer valid. You will need to create a new account in the Everbridge system to receive notifications (see the link below to sign up).  In an effort to make citizens aware of the opt-in information we have provided the link below to sign up for your account and to opt in to the system. Help us to be emergency ready and be able to notify all of our great citizens in the event of an emergency! Don't delay sign up today!!

Click here to opt-in (sign up)

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