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Lindon City Mayor and City Council - Elected Officials

  • Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG)
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Vice-Chair of Utah Lake Authority Governing Board
  • Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA) Board Member
  • Utah League of Cities and Towns Representative
  • Youth Council
  • Public Relations - (media contact as needed)

Councilmember Steve Stewart
(secondary - Cole Hooley)

  • Youth Council, Lead Advisor 
  • Senior Center
  • PG/Lindon Chamber of Commerce; Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Education Grants
  • Other Duties as Assigned

Councilmember Jake Hoyt 
(secondary - Lincoln Jacobs)
  • Police/Fire/Emergency Medical Services
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Economic Development
  • Lindon Days
  • Utah League of Cities and Towns, Alternate
  • Other Duties as Assigned


  • Public Works/Engineering
  • Irrigation Companies Representative/Board member
  • Cemetery
  • Facilities/Public Buildings
  • Other Duties as Assigned

Councilmember Cole Hooley 
(secondary - Van Broderick)

  • Communities that Care (CTC); Healthy Utah
  • Tree Advisory Board
  • Historical Commission
  • 2024 Centennial Celebration
  • Other Duties as Assigned

Councilmember Lincoln Jacobs
(secondary - Jake Hoyt)

  • North Pointe Transfer Station and Solid Waste Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Planning and Zoning; General Plan
  • Parks, Trails, and Recreation
  • Other Duties as Assigned

The Mayor and City Council welcome all comments and input from residents on any issue that is important to you. You may contact your elected officials by clicking on their name or picture on this page.

Regular City Council Meetings are typically held the first and third Monday of each month beginning at 5:15 pm at the Lindon City Center, City Council Chambers, 100 North State Street. 
Time is provided at the beginning of each meeting for citizen comments prior to the Council considering agenda items.