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Van Broderick - Candidate Bio/Profile

As residents of Lindon, we are blessed to live in a great community. My wife Sarah and I have made Lindon our home for over 33 years. Lindon is an ideal place to raise a family, and we love living here!

We, as Lindon citizens, enjoy a high quality of life because Lindon is well managed, and each decision is carefully considered. I express appreciation to our city employees and pay tribute to our mayor and city council members for their outstanding service. I am running for the city council to help the city maintain its positive course.

A primary function of city government is to establish an appropriate, sustainable budget. We must provide for the city's needs without causing an undue tax burden and debt upon the citizens. City leaders must spend each dollar of tax revenue wisely and carefully. Our council's focus has been to pay off debt and to maintain a healthy rainy-day fund.

Lindon City's motto of "A Little Bit of Country" is important now more than ever as we experience rapid growth in the county.  I believe we must maintain our open space, parks, and trails while making sound development decisions for the future.

I am running for a third term of the city council to help ensure that Lindon remains a great place to live, work, and play.